// Structural.

Meridian’s steel-frame housing units are structurally superior to “stick-built” units.

Our modular units are built to meet or exceed the same rigorous national and international codes and standards as traditional site-built construction. Modules are constructed to withstand the rigors of transport and handling, resulting in greater strength and durability.   Systematic, in-plant monitoring and supervision with strict quality controls are used to ensure that superior quality structures and building efficiencies are maintained at all times. A controlled-environment facility allows for year round construction that is not subject to weather interruptions. All Meridian’s housing units have CSA A277 certification, among others.

Meridian’s steel-frame housing units are a structurally superior product in many important ways.   They have a useable life that is significantly longer than modular, “stick-built” (i.e., wood-framed) units which makes them more durable and less prone to wear and tear. Importantly, our steel-frame units are impervious to mold, which can infect and damage units constructed from wood. Meridian’s modular housing units typically have double the normal soundproofing standards. Our wall and ceiling materials made from MGO board are far more robust than gypsum board, providing additional advantages. As a result, our interiors are far more durable and resilient over the long term.

In addition, steel-frame construction allows our units to be 100% recyclable.