// Cost Effective.

Meridian has designed efficiency into everything we do.

When comparing factory construction of modular units versus onsite construction, building time efficiencies of up to 40% are generated by factory assembly lines, resulting in substantial energy savings per unit. Also, construction projects that would take 14 months to complete using typical onsite construction techniques can be reduced to 6 months using offsite, modular construction methods.

New Construction Approach – The use of Meridian’s steel frame modular units provides another unique benefit – a construction technique that builds large open spaces in a much more flexible and cost effective approach.  This construction technique uses precast concrete that attaches to each of the steel-frame modular units as structural support, creating the flooring and ceiling for all of the hallways and central common areas.

This construction/structural approach is:

  • Very fast to implement onsite,
  • Very flexible with length of spans (32’, etc.), and
  • Very cost competitive vs. site built or other modular solutions

This construction technique leverages Meridian’s modular units as structural components to provide significant cost savings to large projects as compared to typical site built construction.