// Non-Combustible.

Quieter, Healthier, Safer.

Meridian’s advantage is the steel-frame construction of our modular housing units which allows them to be stacked up to 7-stories high. This steel-frame construction technology is superior to “stick-built” (i.e., wood frame) resulting in our modular units lasting significantly longer.  Combined with the use of MGO board instead of gypsum board and other non-flammable construction materials, Meridian’s modular housing units are non-combustible.

Our steel frame structure that has been developed to provide incredible rigidity and strength. This also means reduced noise and sound transfer between units. By using materials that are non-combustible, this also has the added benefit making our modular units mold proof, therefore quieter, healthier and safer.

// Non-Combustible

  • Modular Manufacturing saves time, money and energy
  • Steel frame construction superior to "stick-built"
  • Non-combustible, so Quieter, Healthier and Safer