Meridian has leveraged technology to innovate...

Modular manufacturing saves time, money and is very energy efficient. Scheduling site preparation and manufacturing to occur simultaneously significantly reduces time to occupancy.   Offsite, modular construction provides a controlled environment whereby buildings are manufactured in a dry, enclosed factory.    It allows for efficient, assembly-line construction by skilled trades with inspections done at the factory during manufacturing. For example, construction projects that would take 14 months to complete using typical onsite construction techniques can be reduced to 6 months using offsite, modular construction methods.

Meridian has taken this one-step better by using technology to create a better-designed and longer-lasting modular housing unit. We have used non-combustible materials to develop a quieter, healthier and safer modular housing unit.

// Technology

  • Modular Manufacturing saves time, money and energy
  • Steel-frame construction superior to “stick-built”
  • “Eco-Friendly” construction techniques