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Our staff and Manufacturing partner have extensive experience in China.

Meridian staff has previous, onsite experience building modular housing units in China for export into Canada. We met and interviewed several manufacturing firms in China, including reviewing the ownership/management group, industry background, supply chain relationships, staff skills and market reputation. At the end of this process, Meridian selected our manufacturing partner as the best choice for our exclusive manufacturing agreement.

With its China operations based in Shanghai, the manufacturer is wholly owned by a European company that has been successfully building steel structures in China for large international customers for over 14 years. They have deep vendor/supply chain relationships and access to a very qualified, skilled work force and supervisory team to operate our production runs in our Meridian-only assembly facility.

With an Exclusive Supply Manufacturing agreement between Meridian and the manufacturer, we believe we have reduced the risk of our proprietary designs being shared with other parties. As a result, we believe we have the “best of both worlds” by benefitting from their European management team and from a China-based assembly facility. Meridian’s industry leading design combined with our world-class manufacturing partner positions our modular housing units to be worldwide leaders in the industry.